Team MRTE is here
to establish
The first Water Delivery service at the Moon ever

a startup that is devoted to mining on the Moon

production-run startpoint is 2024

About our startup
Due to the growing development of lunar programs, humanity in the near future will need to solve the problem of obtaining resources on the Moon

At the present, there are only two ways to solve this problem.

The first way is to deliver absolutely all of necessary resources from the Earth to the Moon by launching a heavy cargo rockets.

The second one, that we offer – is the extraction of much type of resources directly on the Moon
with the help of Our Moon Harvester called MoonResourcesTechnoExplorer or MRTE is for short.
This way will dramatically reduce the costs of obtaining resources in comparison with the first way.
So The second way is the right way

Unique features of MRTE unit
Full cycle
It can find, collect, refine, store resources and bring it to base
Only solar power enough for it's work
Remote control
Can be controlled distantly, from Earth
Change location
It can change self location in order to collect resources and to find new deposits
The possibility of obtaining water directly from the ice of the subpolar craters of the moon
If You are somewhere on the Moon
and your base needs water
or your ship needs fuel
MRTE is here to help You

We accept crypto
Advantages of our startup
Our startup can be useful for such ways:
Help for Moon settlers
By the time when first settlers will come to the moon, MRTE already collect and store enough of water and oxigen for them. It is vital for supporting life and agriculture beyond Earth
Deep space exploration
To explore the outer space there are needed a lot of fuel. MRTE can obtain resources on the Moon that can be converted into fuel.
Obtaining of perspective and solid materials
On a next stage of development by changing of technological cycle of production MRTE can be adapted for obtaining of solid construction materials and brand new valuable materials for electronics.
Liquid material - Helium-3 also could be obtained
Сomposition of the MRTE team
Yevhen Rodin
Specialist of promising spacecraft design
Vadim Karasev
Specialist of reliability and economic issues in the creation of spacecraft
Wanted Unknown
Specialist of international and space law
Wanted Unknown
Specialist of composite materials and space factors
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